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Each item is cut and constructed by hand, with minor variations in stitching and leather. Custom designs and wholesale pricing are available.


Due to a desire to avoid calculating dimensions & weights on everything, I provide free shipping in the U.S., with no shipping available outside of the U.S.


The one and only, unbridled imagination, unpolarizing, blue ribbon, cage free, grass-fed, gluten-full, sustainable, globally sourced, biodegradable, award winning, gold label, 5 star, service of legends, international leather products made in the high desert. Intentionally made leather goods designed to last as long as you do.


Welcome to Kestrel Leather. I started making leather products for the same reasons as most other businesses…need.

I enjoyed making heavy use, durable good for myself and for my wife. That approach became the foundation for how I design and construct my products. I want them to look good, be functional (sometimes too much), and for everything to last for a long time and become one of my customer’s favorite accessories.


I introduced a new tote in 2021 using small handwoven Navajo rugs. A lot of time and work goes into each rug, from raising the sheep and dying the wool to weaving the final product. The supply of rugs is limited and they are selling as fast as I can make them. I will be listing new rugs and totes here. No two are alike so please check back often and claim the one that speaks to you.

I don’t cut the rug when I assemble the totes. They are stitched together to preserve the integrity of the weaver’s work. If you removed the seams from the tote, you would have a small, intact Navajo rug.


Modern, clean-line designs, using MOSTLY bovine, aka cow. I favor oil tanned leathers based on the durability and water resistance, keeping with my theme of function. However, I also carry a line of sustainable, harvested, exotic leathers. I use those for one-of-a-kind items. Keep your eyes open for those.


My designs are based on practical function, durability, and aesthetics. Products are hand cut and handmade, with minor differences from one to the next. For example, I was making the “cash can” wallets as a standard rectangle cutout until I realized that notching the corners would keep it from creasing over time.

Styles, textures, and colors of leather vary. Though I always have brown and black cow leather in stock, there are subtle color variations from one lot to the next. I also have rare and exotic leathers that I buy when I can. On that note, there are more options than I can include in a shop online. If you have a custom design in mind, contact me for a quote.


I have a fantastic new space, but the studio doesn’t have established “hours.” If you come by my super cool building and see a vehicle parked on the West side, stop by and see me. If you don’t see a vehicle, text or call me at (505) 728-5248. Instagram, Facebook (or smoke signals) are alternate means. You can also email me at  Even better, set up a time ahead of your arrival. I love to talk about my work and designs.

Conveniently the online shop is open 24/7. If you are browsing a custom product, you can put in an order with instructions or contact me and work out the details prior to placing an order. Regardless, the website is the best way to browse my work if you can’t come visit the shop.

“I really like my purse…..a lot.”
Shannon B.
“My husband finally got his gift. (key fob) He loves it so much, its for his new truck. It fits like a glove. Thank you again.”
Joanna T.
“I am a huge fan of the craftsmanship of my purse and love that you take into consideration the customers interests and let it inform the design in unique ways.”
Jennifer L.
“Coyes leather work is exceptional and innovative. All the products I’ve purchased from him are always carefully stitched and durable. I have enjoyed watching his skills develop and look forward to seeing (and buying) more of his high quality work.”
Tressa W.



1845 South 2nd Street
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(505) 728-5248
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