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“Shann” Bag | The Branded Shark

Branded shark purse
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The Branded Shark “Shann” bag immortalizes the cow by incorporating the brand into the purse design. Shark leather pocket. Chocolate colored accents.


In stock

Product Description

The Branded Shark “Shann” is a standard size tote/purse. I named it after my wife Shannon, because she tweaked the ones I have been making to fit her style. This design is easily my most popular bag. I made it with a light brown, oil tan S.B. Foot leather. This is a great company. I use a lot of their leathers. Affordable, but extremely durable.  However, this bag is a little different, with some unique customization and details.

Tote Bag | The Branded Shark

You’ll notice that one side has some markings on it. This is the brand from the cow when it was still roaming the earth. Whereas most makers and leather people see these brands as an imperfection and throw them away, I don’t. I see the brand as the cow’s personal ID, the fingerprint of the cow, almost like a name. As a result, I implement the brands into the design when I find them. In a way, it gives the cow a second life.

This particular brand is so well placed, large, and a great contrasting color so I showcased it on the bag. Not to detract from the brand on one side, but on the other side, the pocket is made out of shark leather. Yep, shark. Those things that swim in the ocean. It was hard to find a big enough piece, but I did. If you look close, you will notice the top and bottom of the pocket have the natural shape. I left this edge because it looks so good. I left the bottom of the pocket with its curves and sewed around it. Turned out nice. Shark leather is tricky to source, which adds to the cost of the bag.

The top edge of the bag is straight. Just the cut. I usually roll this edge, but I liked the way it looked with the brand so I left it natural. There is an inside pocket made of soft buckskin leather. Really great stuff. The handles are 10 oz double shoulder chocolate colored leather. They are thick, heavy, and extremely durable. Also, I added metal rivets to the handles where they connect to the bag for additional strength. It’s a great bag to take anywhere. It will last as long as you do.

If you would like to see more designs by Kestrel Leather, including rare leather lots, check out the shop or check out Kestrel Leather on Instagram.


Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in


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