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Backpack | Buckled Beast

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Product Description

The backpack listed has already sold. However, I can make one for you. Please email me or call me at (505) 728-5248.

If you would like to browse new designs/experiments, please check out Kestrel Leather on Instagram.


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The Beast!


Yes, this is a big dude. I made this one with heavy 6 oz bridle leather. In leather talk that means thick, semigloss finish, and ready to take abuse. This is leather usually used in horse tack.


Thick, boxy shape. Flap over lid, secured with two Conway buckles on each side. Easy to open and close. Inside has laptop sleeve and extra document pocket. It is large. You could fit kittens and puppies and knitting and baby chickens and maybe a cantaloupe, all at the same time. Just trust me on this one.


Front pocket is spacious and has its own strap and buckle. Heavy duty back straps that can be adjusted are designed to distribute the load evenly on your shoulders. If this thing is full of heavy stuff, Lord help you.


I don’t have to say how beautiful this bag is, just look at it. Takes time to construct, but its worth the wait.

Customize Your Backpack


I have a room full of leather (as you would expect at a leather shop), which means I can make a backpack to your specifications. What kind of leather do you like? What colors? Need an extra pocket, strap, or zipper? Email me at or call me at (505) 728-5248.


* Larger custom orders take a little bit longer, so PLEASE give me a head’s up early on any orders that need to arrive before Christmas.


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