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Rug Clutch

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rug clutch
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These clutches are made from small rugs handwoven by talented Navajo Weavers. Most of these small rugs are woven in a matching set, with two little rugs that are identical. They usually measure 12"x12," an imperfect square foot. Because they are handwoven, the measurements are not always exact. It's really what separates these small little masterpieces from other products. I like these small rugs. I have found many uses for them, just look around the site to see other cool products made from them.

I try hard to not change anything about the rug once I get it. The rug is folded in half, with a zipper across the top. I attach a D ring on one side and provide a detachable wrist loop and leave the warp on the ends to provide a fringe. I think it looks nice. Finished size is 12"L x 6" T.

The clutches listed are based on what is currently in stock. However, if you would like different color combinations, I may have other options available, because I purchase new rugs and fiber art from local weavers regularly. Please email me or call me at (505) 728-5248.

If you would like to browse new designs/experiments, please check out Kestrel Leather on Instagram.

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Rug Clutches

black red dark gray cream checkerboard, Gray black red yellow, Hulk Green, Medium green starburst red gray black white, sun colors, vertical starburst


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Handwoven Rug Clutch

About half of the rug clutches are made with matched handwoven sets. Many are woven with acrylic yarn, which makes them more durable. That also provides me with fun colors to work with. However, I have found some that are 100% wool. The wool weave is super soft and not usually as tightly woven, but they still work well.


If you would like different colors, I may have other options available. I search for and purchase new rugs and fiber art from local weavers regularly. Please email me or call me at (505) 728-5248.


* Custom orders take a little bit longer, so PLEASE give me a head’s up early on any orders that need to arrive before Christmas.

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