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“Shann” Bag | Sky Blue Merlot with Conchos

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Sky blue merlot “Shann” bag with conchos. Turquoise pocket on the outside for all your quick to reach essentials.

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Product Description

Shann Bag | Sky Blue Merlot with Conchos

This is a Shann Bag tote made with a wonderful red merlot colored cow leather. The leather has a matte finish. I put a blue/Turquoise pocket on the outside for all your quick to reach essentials. Big enough to hold what you need. I used the same blue leather on the inside of the purse just to add some color to the inside. The inside pocket is large enough to hold a phone and lots of other crap…..I mean, essentials. I put thick 8oz black latigo straps on to support more weight than necessary. The straps are long enough to carry on your shoulder.

I also put a floor on the inside of this bag. Nice heavy piece of leather to keep the bottom from sagging while in heavy use. To add some flair, I put conchos on the outside points of the handles. These are not only beautiful, but they add strength to the points where the straps are attached to the body of the bag. Class and color. All that you need.

The Shann Bag is a standard size tote/purse that I make. I named it after my wife Shannon, because she tweaked the ones I have been making to fit her style. This design is easily my most popular bag.

If you would like to see more designs by Kestrel Leather, including rare leather lots, check out the shop or check out Kestrel Leather on Instagram.


Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in


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